Christmas Holly

A personalized Christmas holly for baby Jaden.


 This can be personalized in any way you like.

Price – Rs 550/- (Can be shipped anywhere in India – Courier charges will be additional)


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last year, a lucky family welcomed Santa into their homes.

This onesie was made for baby Santa Claus.


There is something special about this onesie – Santa’s belt.

I always sketch before a begin painting, but this time I was a bit adventurous and did it completely freehand. Pat on the back for Shoefu!


I absolutely enjoyed painting this one, if you liked it too, share it with someone who’ll enjoy it.

Price: Rs. 550/-

Pink Punk!

Specially made






It’s like a dam has burst. Emotions are running helter skelter (is that how u spell it?!? Now u do, coz I’ve spelt it that way). It’s all I can think of. Sote, jagte, uthte, baithte (for those who cannot read Hindi – sleeping, waking, standing sitting – for further explanation watch a Bollywood flick!) it’s all I think about. I feel like running away from my work desk and hiding in a cornering where no one can find me and draw my day away.

All I can think of is one colour merging with another, some weird typography (I’m trying to work on diff typography- if you know something that can help me improve or learn new types then pls send me a link), some new formats and of course loads of designs. I’m used to multi tasking but this time I’m going crazy. I have these huge urges to stop everything else and just make shoes. But that’s not possibly this easily and so continue… I hope and pray that someday all I do is something that I love and won’t tire of. All those who have found that something may God continue to bless u!