Flight Zayne

Happy Birthday Zayne!




Kindly excuse the quality of photos. But I’m working on it and slowly and steadily it will get better.


Two face

The design on two face isn’t an original but was inspired and made on request.

Butterflies :) :)



Rs 900 on Bata.

Flower Stamp

For the cutie babies –


For the kiddies


Say hello to –



Shoefu’s first exhibition. Glee!

Since I’ve vowed to keep my reader’s poster on what I’m upto rather than just disappear for long spells of time, it is time to tell you about an impending exhibition.

It’s been a while that I’ve wanted to make Shoefu designs that weren’t part of a brief but just out of my head.
Ofcourse a million tiny and not so tiny things encourage me into doing what finally comes out on that canvas shoe.

Sketching has been happening over the last six months and I realize that depression and anxiety work well for me. 😉

October 10, 2010 is the day that Shoefu will exhibit its wares for the first time. This is happening locally, so that the people from within my vicinity know what this is all about.

Few of the designs are ready and I will be posting them under the title Exhibit A

Coming soon – Exhibit A!

A new Dawn2Dusk

Dawn2Dusk was first done in November of 2008.

A few weeks back I was asked to create another one just like it. However, I did incorporate some small changes to it.


I specially like this because each foot is one half to the design.