Flight Zayne

Happy Birthday Zayne!




Kindly excuse the quality of photos. But I’m working on it and slowly and steadily it will get better.


Need some ‘Power’?

Kids sure love their cartoons.

This particular kid follows the Power Rangers closely and his mum asked me to make him a pair.

I on the other hand don’t know much about the 5 fighters and had to do some research. This is what I came up with.


Added shades to the header.

Added shades to the header.

Finishing touches remaining

Finishing touches remaining


Shoe: Bata

Price: Rs. 1400/-

Two face

The design on two face isn’t an original but was inspired and made on request.

Children’s Day for Zoe

This is the first time my little girl, Zoe, will be celebrating Children’s Day. Not that it would mean much to her.; but as a new mom I decided to mark this day by painting some kiddie shoes. This also marks a return of sorts for Shoefu!

Among the Children’s Day special are three new designs – Alphabet; Sesame Street and Teletubbies. All of which you can see below. There are some more which I’ll be putting up very soon. Place orders for your children soon! You could leave a comment here or send me an email on shoefu4me@gmail.com with your specifications.

Alphabet – Price: Rs. 900

Sesame Street

Cookie Monster









Sesame Street – Price: Rs. 1200








Teletubbies – Price: Rs. 1000

Red Sea – Fuquatic variant

Flower Stamp

For the cutie babies –


For the kiddies


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