King of her castle

I’m sorry to admit but I was running very late on picking up a wedding gift for a wedding that we were supposed to attend.

After much thought, I decided that I wanted to gift the couple something personalized, I was also designing the bride’s bouquet.

So I picked these two plain white mugs from Westside and painted it with acrylic paint.

It needed more than a couple of coats and lots of drying time.






Christmas Holly

A personalized Christmas holly for baby Jaden.


 This can be personalized in any way you like.

Price – Rs 550/- (Can be shipped anywhere in India – Courier charges will be additional)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last year, a lucky family welcomed Santa into their homes.

This onesie was made for baby Santa Claus.


There is something special about this onesie – Santa’s belt.

I always sketch before a begin painting, but this time I was a bit adventurous and did it completely freehand. Pat on the back for Shoefu!


I absolutely enjoyed painting this one, if you liked it too, share it with someone who’ll enjoy it.

Price: Rs. 550/-

Flight Zayne

Happy Birthday Zayne!




Kindly excuse the quality of photos. But I’m working on it and slowly and steadily it will get better.

Need some ‘Power’?

Kids sure love their cartoons.

This particular kid follows the Power Rangers closely and his mum asked me to make him a pair.

I on the other hand don’t know much about the 5 fighters and had to do some research. This is what I came up with.


Added shades to the header.

Added shades to the header.

Finishing touches remaining

Finishing touches remaining


Shoe: Bata

Price: Rs. 1400/-

Two face

The design on two face isn’t an original but was inspired and made on request.

Princess ‘canvas’ Slippers

I became a mother not so long ago. And that it’s this baby-ness that’s on my mind and now on the shoes. 

I painted these recently for my niece who celebrated her 6th b’day. She’s in a ‘Princess’ phase  at the moment and so these shoes only seemed apt. I’ve used Bata’s white canvas shoes. 




I chose Cinderella as the theme. And included the crown, chariot, castle and glass slippers. 




Price: Rs. 1200/- (Can be made in colours of your choice)

To place order: email: (Need 2-3 weeks)

Coming up: Some more Princess themed shoes. 🙂


Flower Stamp

For the cutie babies –


For the kiddies


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