Finally 23

I’m finally 23 and some 20 odd hours old and I don’t feel any different or wiser, a little whackier yes, but that’s about it. When I think back about the 9th it feels great. Didn’t expect to have a great day because there was no plan to party…I just wanted to be at home since it was a holiday and relax. And my day started pretty normal and usual as well. It all changed when my brother and my sis-in-law came home with presents for me.

Of all that I got the one I loved the most are the shoes he gave me. Of course you say, I’m shoes crazy so they shoes had to catch my attention. But that’s not what I liked about it. What I liked about it was that my brother made the shoes pour moi!

A few days ago I chanced upon these guys, one from France and the other from Canada who like me paint canvas shoes. One of those guys also painted heel formal kinda shoes and gave them a funky cool look.

I loved them instantly and that’s why big bro bought me a pair of shoes and painted them himself. They look so much better than anything I’ve done. I’ve always said that he’s the more creative and smart one and there he goes and proves it. But it’s a real task to get him to do something. I’m glad he did it for me.

Thank you Allan! Muuah!


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