Welcome to ShoeFu, here you can check out some of my Shoe designs which are hand painted on plain old Bata canvas shoes, if you like what you see and want the same, contact me.

Currently I hand paint shoes, baby clothing, accessories for sale and am based in Mumbai.

Some designs are my own, but you can specify what you would like painted on your shoes, also note that Bata canvas shoes use international sizing, so go to your local Bata store check your size there. You can buy your own canvas shoes and i will paint it with the design of your choice or my imagination 🙂 or you can leave the buying to me, the cost of the shoe will be added.

The links to the shoes are under the pages link

ShoeFu is run by me Savia Jane.

Contact details are here.

You can write to me on –

Waiting to hear from you! You’ll hear from me too.


32 thoughts on “Shoefu

  1. Of My god! These designs that you make are out of the world. Really very nice. They are too Hip and Happening. Savia why don’t you post of your designs on our website too. I am sire people will love to see your designs.



  2. Hi,

    i actually wanted to get my shoe painted so i was searchin for sum1 in mumbai itself then i came across ur website and i also checked the shoes you have painted ,But frankly speakin i wasnt happy you desgin our still ameture and i hav seen like some of the best shoes till this date .attach is the url for the a site wch makes shoes jus go thru it


    • Hi Rahul,

      Thanks a bunch for the url. Did go through it. Interesting designs, really nice.
      I hope in the future, you’d forward my design links to some other kid on the block. Will continue working.



  3. Hi Savia,

    Just got to know of your work, was browsing thru benson’s snaps on facebook. WOW!!! cool stuff . I’m sure gonna pick up a pair once i’m down in july , have a special design ready for me.

    Love and best wishes.


  4. Great idea and designs!

    Is the paint waterproof? Can the shoes be washed?

    How long does it take once you receive the shoes.

    Are you in Mumbai? Where are you located?



    • Hey Gaurav,
      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      Shoefu is in the middle of a lot of changes. I’m based in Mumbai and will keep you in the loop about things.

      Yes the paint is water proof. You could wash them with mild detergent and a toothbrush. I’ve washed mine, so I vouch for them.
      At the moment I’m not taking as many orders so please excuse me this time.
      And if all goes well… you might just get to pick up something from a line that I’m presently working on

      Good luck.


  5. Savia Hi,

    I had always heard from you about your shoes, but I never got around seeing the actual work and I would say it was my loss. The minute I saw your article and the shoes I went Ga, Ga…..over them. I fell in love with them so…. much that I definetly would love to order for myself and as gifts.

    Fantastic work, keep the artistic juices flowing and I would definitely wear your work with great pride. God Bless!


  6. Hi Savia

    Beautiful shoes…. my daughter is not going to be pleased that I am gifting them to her cousin! They are awesome! Tha nks a ton!


      • Hey thanks for keeping a close watch! 🙂
        Am working on a bunch of things at the moment that should be ready soon…

        Happy waiting!!


  7. Hi Savia,

    Have had a look at your shoes pictures on this blog and felt these were great. Hope you go all the way with more designs and lots of shoes.


  8. So u are short , smart and have good creative inclination… Way to go honey.. Keep kickin ass baby ..

    Ok so what do i get for this post ?


  9. Good stuff! When canvas walks, the artist talks. Looking forward to your collection and will direct friends and walkers towards this wonderful talent. Enjoy


  10. Hey Savia,
    Jes viewed ur shoe designs……they’re terrific, vibrant, and fresh….not like the old stereotye ones…..n u paint very very well tooo….much better than anyone i knw………keep it up!…all the best!….may u hav loads of success in life!…..Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Hey tell me 1 thing….where was this hidden talent in all years of college??? U and drawing!!!!!!!! I remember how u completed the jrnals..
    Well…Great work..
    Proud to have a frnd like you…
    Thinking OUT OF THE BOX…Truly SAVIA.


  12. Ji Savia,

    Congratulations. Great Going………

    Wishing you “ALL THE BEST 2day and ALWAYS”.
    Its amazing to see our kids grow and grow and grow………………
    God Bless you


  13. Dear Savia,

    Great work i saw your article in DNA the other day and I am very impressed with your work. I would like to purchase a couple of shoes for myself and my family members from you as I really like the concept of hand painted shoes.
    Would like to know your contact cordinates so that I could order my shoes from you.

    Farzan Ness Ghadially.


  14. Hi Pooja,

    I paint for strictly crazee people! you could be anybody as long as you can walk the streets with pride.

    (in simple langue, i paint for guys n gals!)


  15. I really LOVE your shoes. I read about you in the newspapers. I wish you the best. Go abroad. Do a course in shoe making. Really experiement. BEST OF LUCK.


  16. hey saw ur write up in the After Hours today….ur designs r fun…
    quick question….are they only for gurls or do u paint shoes for guys as well??


  17. Hi Saavia,

    Painting on Shoes ! ! ! Wow ,,,, Unbelievable! Lovely designs you have made. I would love to wear the same …

    Keep it up dear.

    All the Best.


  18. Hi Saav,

    You rock…… totally.

    The best quote I could think for you and your amzing work “Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection at Work”

    Keep going….. Will contact you soon for order.


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