A new Dawn2Dusk

Dawn2Dusk was first done in November of 2008.

A few weeks back I was asked to create another one just like it. However, I did incorporate some small changes to it.

I specially like this because each foot is one half to the design.


8 thoughts on “A new Dawn2Dusk

  1. Dear ‘wonderful shoe painting person”, I love this thing that yur doing, esp this particular pair called dawn and dusk, of which i would like a pair in size 41 if possible. and i would like to rder a few for my 2 sons as well. Please tell me how i can order, send yu money have them sent out to me etc etc etc……. Loadsa thumps up…….. great stuff… BYTW i livein cyprus in the mediterranean.


    • Hi Serene.
      It will be my pleasure to paint this one for you.
      However, we’ll have to work out the logistics of sending the shoes over to you. But it’s nothing that cannot be worked out.
      I’m sending you an email from Shoefu’s gmail id.


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