You know bout the saying ‘It is only those you love that can hurt you the most’? That kinda happened to me yesterday.

I picked a really cute pair of rainy flats the other day. It’s got a super awesome large cream coloured rosette on it that simply called out to me. It was definitely love at first sight. At-least for me it was.

Aren’t they simply beautiful! They are I know. πŸ™‚

I wore them for barely 30 minutes last evening of which i walked for only 7 minutes. In those 7 minutes the beauties turned to beast.

I had my nastiest shoe-bite of the century.Β  I took a picture of the shoe-bit too, but I think they’re way to gory for public viewing. My Achilles however, feel that giving undue photographic attention to the flats with teeth is unfair.

I don’t think I’m now going to wear these very soon or very later either 😦 . But they’ve made a place in my heart, so I guess the only option I’m left with is to make a similar pair for myself. πŸ˜‰ The advantages of being a shoe designer!Ha!


2 thoughts on “Shoe-bite

  1. AWWW…. My sympathies for your Achiles!… /but i must say lovely pair of shoes indeed.. πŸ™‚ makeme one pair too na simultaneously!! πŸ˜› hehehhehe


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