Little update


I’ve been out of here for a very long time. My apologies. But a lot has been happening.

I quit my day job earlier this year without a backup. I knew in my head that I wanted to do shoes and do it seriously. Ofcourse, the idiot that I am, I didn’t dive right into it but took a month long vacation!

In the month of April however, I pulled up my socks and re-enrolled my self to shoe class (FDDI, Bandra) . This time around I had a clear mind about what I wanted to learn and how much I wanted to extract out of the course.

I’ve been at it intermittently since April and am still a month-month and a half away from completing my course, much to my mum’s displeasure (I should’ve ideally finished by July).

However, what I’ve learned surely pleases me. 🙂

I’m presently working on an ankle length Derby boot and a gladiator. The sampling for checking out the fit has been done.

Next week I’ll start with the final product. I’ve purchased a powdered red rexine for the Derby ankle boot and a gun-metal rexine for my gladiator (I’m making a pair for myself 😉 ).

I intend to keep you guys posted about what I learn and how I cope with my shoe class.

In case you’re a student of footwear yourself and have a doubt or two, do let me know. Maybe, just maybe I could help. I know I will try.

Peace n out.


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