Do you remember the time?

Tomorrow is the 51st birthday of the King of Pop…and I know you already know that.

Millions and trillions and gazillion people have done whatever they could to pay an ode to the man who is no more. Flashmob’s happened in many places (i don’t think any happened here), dedications, blogs, loads of gossip and some other stuff of which I have no inkling.

I’m doing something as well. Something like a tribute to the man who’s music will keep him alive.
The idea came from a friend (Thanks Paddy!), which is to paint a few shoes Black n White. Now the beauty is that I won’t have to explain why I’m painting them monochromatic.

About four shoes are part of this tribute. You could see what you like and place your orders.
The designs will be up tomorrow. (Again I don’t have to explain why)



One thought on “Do you remember the time?

  1. Good to see that the ghost of MJ still exists in the form Savia Jane.

    Nice great the B & W shoes are nice just like the five feet girl you



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