I watched 99 – even if you didn’t want to know

A few months ago I tortured you with an inane list…


I now am compelled to report my progress to you.

I only got as far as reading the Curious case of Benjamin Button.

I didn’t watch “He’s just not that into you”. Phew!

I didn’t watch LuckByChance [ 😦 ]and by I luckily didn’t watch Delhi 6 either.

I still aspire to watch the three movies at home. And a few others too.

Well, this post isn’t only about the movies I haven’t watched yet. This is also a mini review for the Hindi movie 99 that I did watch.

Now let me be honest right at the beginning of this.Β  I didn’t want to watch this movie. I’ll tell you why. The movie is Cyrus Broacha’s debut in hindi and any other language as well, and I thought that they’d probably overuse the comedian and kill it. But I was – what you could call – pleasantly surprised! πŸ™‚ Okay! I say it, I was wrong. The movie is good.

The film is very well done. From start to finish, not one moment that I can remember where my eyes rolled 360 degree and asked for redemption.

I watched it at a suburban not so flashy multiplex. The not so large theater was full, barring a few seats and it was a Sunday…the day of the IPL 2 final between RCB and DC. Of course it was an afternoon show that we were watching and the finals were to air only at 8 in the evening, yet I wasn’t expecting as many people. Because adding to the other things was producer’s strike.

The movie has a great selection of characters and each one’s done their role well. No over-acting, no lime-light hogging shit or thrashy songs or over the top style statements. Two hours of full-two mazaa.

Along with me was my family which included 55 year old, 30 year olds, 25 year olds and 17 year olds. Everyone enjoyed, so I think it’s safe to term it a full-tu entertainer (family entertainer).

I think I’m starting to like such kinda movies where there is more sense as compared to the earlier non-sense. Doesn’t mean this was an intellectual movie just that the issues that this new league of directors/producers pick is much real and the story telling technique is way better.

A 97/99 from me, even if nobody cares.


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