unmoved se moved tak…

It’s been a long time since I did something. It’s taken longer than I anticipated.
I’ve been at this juncture for long enough and now I’m bored. It’s got to pass. I can’t be stuck here forever. What if I just don’t find inspiration to write again. It’s scary. It really is.

I did the necessary start-ups to get me into the right ‘write’ mode. But none of the tricks worked.

I thought of something lovely.
I thought of something sad.
Still no luck. I was going mad.

Now the passage of time
Is driving me up the wall.
Write something girl,
Or it’ll be the end of it all.

The feeling, like a ton of bricks, sinks
But I want to soar from within
Like a dove without a care
Oh! I know I’ll be there.

Egad! Though this isn’t one of my best…I can say…that I’m on my way to recovery… πŸ™‚ Yay!


7 thoughts on “unmoved se moved tak…

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    • So easy to say words that people know, but don’t really know,

      With the passage of time, a feeling would flow

      There’ll be something you’d really wanna know.


      • Don’t know how but thoughts have flown
        to merge with the unknown
        the feeling is weird and strange
        but somehow there is no strain

        @ Ranveer: Thanks for ur few lines dude! Cheers!


      • Well you got the lines all wrong,
        The lines though few they sing a song,

        A different meaning they bring along,
        You don’t know how, but for last they’ll long.


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