Eat meet and learn

I recently met a man who has started his own enterprise. That makes him an entrepreneur (such a hoity-toity word) and over lunch we spoke about the new ad agency that he has started. We spoke about the concept behind his agency, the people involved in it and the rest that I needed to write my article (I have a day job remember!).

It was a good meeting, one that I took away a lot from.

He had been thinking of starting his own agency for quite a while and knew that he would do so someday soon. It took some thinking, some rational thinking, some questioning, some counter questioning, some answers and a lot more thinking before he took the step to walk out of his then agency and walk into his own agency. Here I learned that you need to be patient. First lesson.

He does not have any mind-boggling, earth shattering, nerve wrecking ideas nor unrealistic fancy plans for his agency. He’s called it Black Swan Life (there’s a philosophy behind naming it so) and knows that you grow only when there’s integrity in what you do and valuing the people that you work with. My second lesson…integrity.

Black Swan Life is not made up of highly educated individuals but highly talented and passionate individuals who are true to their art and think beyond. Apart from regular advertising, Black Swan Life has another leg to its activities which will be titled Life Unlimited,where all those part of Black Swan Life can explore their creativity in any other form. Sounds so neat. Teaches me that never stifle your employees or partners. Live and work together considering you spend a lot of your time and thus life with a strange set of poeple.

It’s not like, I learned of all these things that day at lunch. It was the same set of values that one learns while growing up and forgets while growing up. This lunch was just a reminder of all the good things.
Thank you Sukumar!


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