breakfast, eggs and new plans

My brother was home for breakfast today and hence I had to make him some breakfast. Usually I survive on two slices of bread dipped in milk but he’s huge and a lot goes into keeping him that way. No pun intended.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs which were spiked with garlic (a good helping) and some onions to add the crispy feeling. And butter toasted bread to go with it. It was yum. It was so simple and yet so yum and nutritious and filling.

Big brother and me and now my new sister-in-law have been toying with the idea of opening up our little restaurant. And the garlic spiced scrambled eggs have inched it one step ahead. I know and realize I’m talking about the scrambled eggs as if its the first time someone dreamed of it, but you don’t know me. Considering the total nincompoop I am with kitchen equipment and the fact that I dislike cooking, when actually getting into the kitchen and ‘cook up’ something tasty and I mean really tasty and finger-lickin good is an achievement.

Well sometimes I do like to cook and at those times I like to be the only one in the kitchen and no-one…I mean NO ONE must meddle. Funky weird filling and healthy breakfasts are my mild specialty.

As and when the restaurant is close to opening up, I will let you know and special discounts to all who own atleast two pairs of Shoefu ( πŸ™‚ wink!)

On Shoefu updates- Im working on about four pairs at the moment. One of which I’m calling Starry Nights should be up in a couple of days.

Until then…


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