seven and a half hours away…n very excited

I’m a shame. I’m going to be all of 23 years old and birthdays still excite me. But what the heck!!!

I’ve already begun receiving some of my birthday presents and am real peppy. When I began my day at work (I work for an online publication at the moment) I checked my horoscope, and this is what it had to say: Today is a day for you to finally get organized. Pick one area of your life work, financial or domestic that is in the most disarray and tackle it today. File, label, budget, sort and categorize it all and you may find that tomorrow you start off on a whole new foot. This will aid you in being more productive in the future.

If you read the post I wrote yesterday you’d know that I was just planning to improve my life and lifestyle and lo! that’s what the skies were conspiring for me. I don’t know how much of this will happen but I hope and pray that I do.

Well, I’ve had a great day until now with the gifts pouring in and some new shoes up in the gallery. Take a peek at the pages.


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