31 and a half hours away

I’m that far away from being 23 years old and I’m in flashback mode. I haven’t grow tall since the age of 8, though according to my mom I haven’t grown since the day I was born. I fail to understand how she housed a five foot and a bit longer organism in her belly for nine months.

I haven’t yet decided for sure what it is that I want to do with my life. I love shoes and as of now I’d love to make shoes and create all the magic I can. But then there’s this other part of me that wants to dance away my life. At one point in time I wanted to be a forensic investigator and much before that I wanted to be a gynaecologist. Phew! If you’ve also had some crazy ambitions do drop me a note, I’ll feel better. And like me if you still don’t know what it is that you want to do with your life, then drop me a note for sure.

I want to be there at all times for my family. Have my own home in a beautiful part of my town. Start up my factory where the best shoes for kids, women and men are made. Have a school that taught dance and other art. An old age home where my parents and the rest of my family can live. A large place hwere people can come spend some time with their family, listen to music, eat something, play some music, write, read books, and even jam. There’s much more bit I simply can’t write right now.

I know that if it has to happen it gradually will. But sometimes I’m in this sudden rush to finish all that I ever dream of in the time the Earth takes to spin once. And at the end of it I’m all exhausted.

This time I want to make some sensible mature promises – or attempts – to myself.

I want to get up early. Like really early, because 8.30 is not the time to get up. Do some exercise and get back in shape. Want help Mum while she cooks. Be much more disciplined. Watch all the movies on TV and catch every episode of Titus, Everybody loves Raymond, Still Standing, Friends, CSI…

I’d like to learn to keep in touch with my family and extended family and friends. I’m utter crap at calling people (i hate to talk over the phone) and making small talk.

One thing I promise myself every year and I will do so this year too is to not find that lost piece of my brain ever. I’d always want to be a crazy kid with a spark and the will to do anything that I want to do without fear of what the world might think of me.

I wish that spark for each of you too!


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