This is my first post to all those who think crazee like me.

And I’m a bit confused about what I must include here. What should I talk about? What should I discuss? What I shouldn’t…Some help would be very welcome at the point.

I love shoes, like you and I’d love to make them for a better part of my life…but not all things happen as you want them to, and I’m more than happy to drift with the flow…I ain’t in no hurry to get anywhere…


how did i get here??? I remember getting a grace full 35 marks every year, year-on-year in school. My drawing teacher once threw my drawing work book right out of class. You ask why? I tell you why. She thought that my painting was very untidy. This is the part when I tell you that the topic for that day in school was (hold your breath) ‘HOLI’. What was she expecting?

I learned an important lesson that day. My teacher wasn’t qualified to do her job. She wanted a neatly painted depiction of the most dirtiest, untidy and colourful Indian festival.

My second lesson was this:

One Thursday, when I was in class seven, I went to school because drawing teacher asked me to be there. Other girls were there too and we were given a topic and had to draw and paint in our books. At the end of that session, I showed her my work. Her words were, “This is not good.” I said, “Ok”. And that was the end of it.

After five years, I realised that I that class on Thursday was just a practice session for those who could attempt the elementary exam for drawing. At this point I choose to tell you, this was the same teacher who threw my work book out of class. Of course I continue to think she is a fool. But that’ s not the lesson I learned. I learned that I am an idiot. 🙂

That’s it for now folks!


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